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​​Policy documents

School policy documents can be downloaded from here. If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy.


What to do when a student:

  • Is absent from school

    Your parents/caregivers will need to:

    • Phone the absence line - (07) 4842 1320 clearly stating your name, care, the date of absence and the reason, or
    • Supply a note of explanation from your parents/caregivers or a medical certificate to your care teacher on the first day of your return to school, or
    • Email the school:
  • Is late to school

    As soon as you arrive at school, report to the Student Services window at the Administration Office with your ID card and a note from a parent/caregiver explaining your late arrival. Have your name recorded and take your “late slip” to your first class. Students who are regularly late will be expected to make up this time.

  • Wishes to leave school during the day

    Go to the Administration Office before school and present a note from your parents/caregivers (stating your name, care and reason for an early pass). You will receive your “leave pass” to show to your class teacher when you need to leave school. Once released from class, you then are to sign out at Student Services prior to leaving the school grounds.

  • Is sick/injured

    • Report to the nearest teacher or the Administration Office
    • Your parents/caregivers will be contacted by the office staff if you need to go home
  • Has to pay money to the school

    • Report to the Administration Office before school, during morning tea, or lunch time to make your payment (not during class time)
    • Retain the receipt issued and give to your parents
  • Has money or valuables at school

    • Avoid bringing large amounts of money or valuables to school
    • Do not leave money or valuables unattended in school bags
    • See the office staff before school to leave your valuables at the Administration Office and collect valuables after school
    • If you choose to bring ‘valuables’ to school, it is at your own risk, school staff will not be taking any time out to look for these items should they go missing, if you have not adhered to the above points
  • Forget their computer password

    • See your teacher to change the password.
  • Has lost their property

    • Report articles lost to the Administration Office and register in the “Lost Property Book”
    • Return later to check if property has been located
  • Has lost their Identification Card

    • Report your loss immediately to the Administration Office, if it is not found you will need to pay for a new ID card
  • Has lost a textbook

    • Report the loss immediately to the Resource Centre
    • Use your digital access (possible to print off copies of pages need in the short term)
    • Arrange through the Resource Centre staff payment for the lost copy so another copy can be issued
  • Their name, address or phone number changes

    • Notify the Administration Office in writing. It is essential that school records are accurate and up to date in case of emergency
  • Is wearing an incorrect uniform

    • Present a note for the incorrect uniform to the Administration Office before school. If accepted, a uniform slip will be issued to you to show to your teachers that day. You may be required to borrow a school garment or correct footwear for the day or may be required to complete work separate to your routine classes.
  • Needs a visitor pass for a family member

    • Students must not arrange to meet at school with friends/relatives from outside the school. Visitors to the school must be directed to the Administration Office where a Visitors Pass will be issued if necessary.
  • Is absent for exams or assignment due date

    • Parents/Caregivers should contact the school before or on the date (not later). You may be required to supply a medical certificate. Refer to the Assessment Policy for more information.
Last reviewed 08 December 2022
Last updated 08 December 2022